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-   The Nature Table  -

The Nature Table is a beautiful Waldorf tradition 

A way to bring the outside environment indoors, and to express inner reverence outwardly.


These seasonal displays transform throughout the year reflecting our changing seasons and yearly celebrations. 


Easter in Autumn


Stories for children 4 - 7yrs

An Autumn Easter Story by Karen Generowicz (Provided here with the author's permission)


The Easter Hare (i believe it is in  "Easter In Autumn" by Colette Leenman)


The Little Red House with No Doors and No Windows, and a Star Inside. I have seen numerous variations of this story floating about online, and none with an author attributed. 


Autumn colours

With such varied terrain and climate, Autumn looks quite different across the vast continent of Australia. In the southern states and high altitudinal areas one may be lucky enough to enjoy the changing leaves of deciduous maples and the like. In other more coastal or tropical zones, you may rejoice at the abundance of native blossoms that seem to thrive at this time of the year. Whatever the case, take note of your present environment. Go for strolls, begin to notice the changes in the trees around you, even if its barely noticeable in the shades of the leaves. Celebrate what is true. And if you struggle to feel autumn around you, draw upon the archetypal colours and images shown here. 


Oh so many things to make! Here are some links to patterns for some lovely Autumn/ Easter crafts. Some are free, but those that are not, I have to say, are worth every penny as I have made great use of them over time. And what better way to show appreciation for these amazing designs?


Crafts For Easter


The crochet mini eggs pattern may be found here


Crafts for Autumn


Free crochet patterns for leaves


Free acorn toadstool design


An almost free pattern for crochet pumpkins. Very cute, worth a look!


PlanetJune also has a variety of crochet patterns for apples, pears and citrus fruits for that harvest display that wont rot!




Craft Kits

This season's Easter Hare craft kit is a pattern 'borrowed' from "The Nature Corner" by M.van Leeuwen and J.Moeskops.


Order your Easter Hare craft kit here


 Order your Funky Fungi craft kit here

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