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Come and Draw


Set aside the time you need to complete that project or perfect that technique in the company of other artists. Enjoy the productive atmosphere and supportive guidance to take your work to the next level. Bring along your favourite drawing utensils, that well worn sketchpad and your chosen reference pictures or items.


These lessons are run as tutorials allowing students to focus on their own projects with teacher support, and offering demonstrations on classical drawing skills as per the needs and interests of the class group. 


If students are interested in drawing tools or seeking inspiration of new reference material, these may be purchased from the teacher directly.



Lesson Fees

Come and Draw lessons are $45 each. Term lessons paid upfront reward the student by only having to pay for 8 of the lessons. See terms and conditions.

Venues and Availability


Come and Draw lessons are offered in Maitland NSW. See below for lesson schedule.


Please note, as student spaces become limited, priority will be given to students who purchase term blocks in advance.


Bookings are essential!



East Maitland NSW

9.30am to 11.30am
East Maitland Library
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