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Changes to New Student program

Time to shake it up a bit. In teaching, or anything growth related, Evaluation is an important part of the learning process. In reviewing our practices we have decided to try something new to see if we can better meet the needs of our students.

In Term 3 2018 we will trial a "first lesson" method of introducing new students to the drawing classes. As a means for breaking down our Introductory workshop into manageable bites, and allowing students to get a feel for the weekly lessons, we will hit pause on the Intro Workshops for a few months, and invite new students to our weekly classroom at first contact.

What this WILL mean:

New students get to meet the class at their very first lesson and see what others have been achieving.

There will be set foundational tasks for the new classmates that are both achievable and instantly enable adoption of skills to improve accuracy in drawing

Bookings will still be essential to enable the teacher to plan the lesson effectively so all students' needs are met

The "First Lesson" may be booked for any existing lesson time in our Term 3 schedule. (Unless that class becomes full.)

A Portrait Resource Package will become available for purchase for students not yet ready to provide their own reference material

Existing students will continue with their current works with the teacher's support.

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